The Health Benefits of Having a Stronger Erection

Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction that precludes them from having sexual intercourse with their partners. Sexual intercourse is a human necessity, and such a basic and primal need must be fulfilled; otherwise, it could degenerate our physical and mental health in the long run. Abstaining from sexual intercourse could lead to serious psychological problems such as insecurity, anxiety, self-doubt, anger, frustration, and depression.

However, don’t worry! Cleve Scene and other health-informative websites can tell you all sorts of useful information, such as ways to overcome erectile dysfunction or the health benefits of having stronger erections for men. Nonetheless, let us show you the effect of having a stronger erection down below:

Better Sexual Performance


It is no secret that to perform sexually, a man must achieve an erection; while achieving an erection can allow a man to have sexual intercourse, however, to fully satisfy their partner, a strong and long-lasting erection is required. Erectile dysfunction can lead to the inability to perform sexually, which will not be good on both a man’s physical and psychological state, so by overcoming the problem through various methods like exercise, diet, or penis supplements, a man can have improved sexual performance, thanks to their stronger erection.

Sexual Relief

Some good psychological benefits of achieving erection are the sexual relief that will be provided after the deed is done. Whether it is done through solo masturbation or having sexual intercourse, after ejaculation, a surge of positive hormones is produced by our brain to reward us for our efforts, so naturally, one will feel a lack of negative feelings that one felt before, such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, anger, and frustration.

Signs of Good Health

One of the signs of poor health for men is erectile dysfunction. When a man has erectile dysfunction, a high percentage of them have poor health that leads to poor blood flow and circulation to the penis, bad cardiovascular condition, blocked veins, and other underlying health issues. Some common symptoms that are linked to men with erectile dysfunctions are:

  • Being obese
  • Having high cholesterol
  • Suffering from diabetes

So, when you have a strong erection, it means that you are healthy, and it is something to be celebrated upon. However, overcoming erectile dysfunction requires patience and multiple efforts; don’t lose hope and keep fighting. Contact and consult medical professionals to be prescribed health beneficial supplements that can aid you in the fight against erectile dysfunction, such as TRT, Viagra, etc.…

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Health Benefits of Gardening You Don’t Expect

Home gardening is undoubtedly one of the trending activities people do these days. With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, people are finding ways to keep themselves busy to keep away boredom. Gardening is a viable alternative. While it is enjoyable, it is also productive.

With only a year past after the pandemic was declared, some people have already even made gardening their alternative source of income. Ornamental plants are selling like the proverbial hotcakes nowadays. While providing fresh produce on the dining table, home-grown vegetables are also sold to the local market.

But do you know that besides the additional income, source of food, and recreation that gardening can give, it is also good for your overall well-being? To know more about the amazing health benefits of gardening, here are some of them.

Helps in Weight Control

According to a leading health magazine, gardening can help men and women lose weight by 11 and 16 pounds respectively. This means that you can save money from going to the gym and buying all those weight loss supplements. It is a great workout that can increase muscle strength and endurance in due time. It can also improve your quality of sleep.

Drives Stress Away

There can be no other stressful time other than during this pandemic. We are restrained from doing the usual things that we do. If you are burned out from work or home chores, you do not have any bar to go to. In some studies, it is shown that gardening is an excellent stress reliever because of its positive sensory stimulation. And do you know that planting seeds even helps in lifting moods?

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, gardening can prolong life by 30% and this can be attributed to its ability to cut the risk of stroke or heart attack. With gardening, you get to exercise almost all your body parts as you also reconnect with the natural world, giving you a cathartic effect.

Sharpens Cognition

Not only does gardening is beneficial to our physical health but can also improve our brain functions. In a research among seniors, it was found out that gardening can increase significantly the level of brain nerve growth. This proves that gardening is excellent for improvement of memory.

Gardening is also said to improve immunity because of helpful bacteria from the soil. Other than that, it can improve hand and body coordination.

With all these health benefits of gardening, the little space in your home should not discourage you to start gardening even in small pots. Besides all the mentioned benefits, you are helping the environment as well.…

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Tips for Asymptomatic COVID 19 Patients

There may not quite be a problem if you are alone in your home and you have the necessary supplies to last for at least two weeks if you are a completely asymptomatic COVID patient. You only have to lock your front door all the time so none of your close friends and family who do not know your condition will enter without knocking at the door to surprise you.

The problem lies if there are other occupants in your home. You may have to observe the stingiest of measures to contain the infection to yourself. As we all know, COVID is highly communicable. Of course, you don’t want the other occupants, whether they are your loved ones or co-inhabitants, to be infected too. You never know if they will be having far worse symptoms when they get the virus.

Here are some tips for asymptomatic COVID patients who care for themselves at home.

Observe Basic Health Protocols

Living in one roof with other uninfected occupants may really be very difficult. You may have to stay in your room alone all of the time to isolate yourself. Wearing mask, washing your hands, and sanitizing should always be observed. You should also avoid sharing household items.

Go for Nutritious Diet

Your body needs essential nutrients to be able to fight the infection efficiently. Have nutritious diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. It may be best to prepare your own food. If you do not have a stock of multivitamins, shop online for a multivitamin with zinc and vitamin C. They are good for the immune system. Stay hydrated with warm fluid.

Careful Disposal of Food Plates and Other Wastes

Separate your utensils for the moment and wash them with soap and water immediately. You may also have a separate disposal container for excess food and other wastes. If you do not have a toilet in your own room, assign one for you to use alone. For example, if you have two CRs in your home, one should be used exclusively by you.

Practice Good Cough Etiquette

COVID can be acquired through droplets. Coughing and sneezing can expel much droplets. Cover your mouth with tissue if you sneeze or cough and dispose of the tissue properly. Wash your hands afterward with soap and water.


Regular Temperature Check

Some COVID patients may be asymptomatic at first but may experience symptoms later. This means that your body’s natural defenses may be giving in. Monitor your temperature regularly and be wary of other symptoms. Call the doctor if ever symptoms arise.…

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