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Tips for Asymptomatic COVID 19 Patients

There may not quite be a problem if you are alone in your home and you have the necessary supplies to last for at least two weeks if you are a completely asymptomatic COVID patient. You only have to lock your front door all the time so none of your close friends and family who do not know your condition will enter without knocking at the door to surprise you.

The problem lies if there are other occupants in your home. You may have to observe the stingiest of measures to contain the infection to yourself. As we all know, COVID is highly communicable. Of course, you don’t want the other occupants, whether they are your loved ones or co-inhabitants, to be infected too. You never know if they will be having far worse symptoms when they get the virus.

Here are some tips for asymptomatic COVID patients who care for themselves at home.

Observe Basic Health Protocols

Living in one roof with other uninfected occupants may really be very difficult. You may have to stay in your room alone all of the time to isolate yourself. Wearing mask, washing your hands, and sanitizing should always be observed. You should also avoid sharing household items.

Go for Nutritious Diet

Your body needs essential nutrients to be able to fight the infection efficiently. Have nutritious diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. It may be best to prepare your own food. If you do not have a stock of multivitamins, shop online for a multivitamin with zinc and vitamin C. They are good for the immune system. Stay hydrated with warm fluid.

Careful Disposal of Food Plates and Other Wastes

Separate your utensils for the moment and wash them with soap and water immediately. You may also have a separate disposal container for excess food and other wastes. If you do not have a toilet in your own room, assign one for you to use alone. For example, if you have two CRs in your home, one should be used exclusively by you.

Practice Good Cough Etiquette

COVID can be acquired through droplets. Coughing and sneezing can expel much droplets. Cover your mouth with tissue if you sneeze or cough and dispose of the tissue properly. Wash your hands afterward with soap and water.


Regular Temperature Check

Some COVID patients may be asymptomatic at first but may experience symptoms later. This means that your body’s natural defenses may be giving in. Monitor your temperature regularly and be wary of other symptoms. Call the doctor if ever symptoms arise.…

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